Thursday, January 14, 2010

hot sauce صوص حار

If you like hot food you definitely gonna love this sauce...just but some beside any food you like and you will enjoy your food believe mom knew this recipe form a strange woman in the vegetable market..she said that my family can't eat without this sauce beside there food.. so we were very excited to try it out and it really deserved trying..I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of hot food but it's not so hot it's in between and that's what makes it tasty.

the ingredients:

1/2 kilo of chili
2 lemons sauce
2 carrots
2 tbsp of vinegar

and that's it

the method :

put the chilies in the blender and blend it until it's smoothy
cut the carrots and add it to the chilies and blend
then add the lemon , vinegar and the salt and blend
put the sauce in a jar and dd some oil on the top of the sauce and put it int the fridge and use it when you wish


اذا كنتم من محبى الاكل الحار فبالتأكيد هتحبوا الصوص دا حطوا شويه جنب الاكل وهتستمتعوا جدا بيه والدتى عرفت الوصفه دى من واحده متعرفهاش قابلتها وهى بتشترى خضار وقالت ان عليتها مش بتقدر تاكل الا والصوص دا جنب الاكل كنا متحمسين جدا ان نجربه وفعلا يستحق التجربه وانا لازم اعترف انى مش من محبى الاكل الحار بس الصوص دا اجمل شىء فيه انه مش حار جدا هو وسط

1/2 كيلو فلفل حار
عصير 2 ليمونه
2 جرزه
2 م ط خل


فى الخلاط نضع الفلفل ونخفق حتى يخفق تماما
نضع الجزر ونخفق
ثم نضيف الخل والليمون والملح ونخفق
نضع الخليط فى برطمان ونضعه فى الثلاجه ونضيف بعض الزيت على السطح ونستخدمه عن الحاجه


theUngourmet said...

We do love hot sauce very much at our house! Your sauce looks terrific! :)

yummy recipes said...

I'm glad you like I hope you give a try..thanks for visiting. :)

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Great to have a home-made hot sauce on hand! I whiz up all my end of season chilies in the fall to do the same sort of thing.

yummy recipes said...

Thanks Natashya..I hope hope you try this one it's really good :)

Jennie said...

I love hot sauce! This recipe sounds simple and delicious. I can't wait to try it!

yummy recipes said...

Thanx...I hope you like it..tell me what things ended up to ;)

Anonymous said...

I love hot sauce and I think it is perfect that you can eat it with a lot of different dishes. I'll definitely try this recipe. Thank you very much for this post. If you need this recipe translated into another language use professional translators.