Friday, January 1, 2010

An amazing way to make basbosa طريقه هايله لعمل البسبوسه

Basbosa is an eastern sweet it's very famous and delicious kind of sweet..actually it's one of my favorites...I tried many ways to make it and this way was the made with few ingredients but the result is rich and indulgent sweet.

An amazing way to make basbosa :

1Egg + vanilla
1 Cup sugar
A small packet cream
1 \ 2 cup milk
Water with the same cream packet

Oil with the same cream packet or you can use margarine

And a half cup coconut
Cup and a half fine semolina
Tablespoon baking powder


- Add eggs, vanilla, sugar, cream, milk, water, oil or ghee
Mix well

-pour the mixture on the dry ingredients and the mixer should be on low speed

- in a medium pan put some melted ghee and pour the mixture on it

- Cut dough with a knife

-decorate it with the nuts or almonds, grated

-Enter the oven at 170 degrees for 15 minutes .. Then reduce the heat to 160 for 5 - 10 minutes (and make sure not to open the oven until 25 mins passes)

- add the syrup as soon as it’s out of the oven

- how to make the syrup:

3 cup of water on the oven with 1and half cup of sugar after boiling add half lemon juice

after it’s done put some vanilla (it should be cold before adding it to the Basbosa)


بيضة + رشة فانيليا
كوب سكر
علبة قشطة صغيره
1\2 كوب لبن
ماء بنفس علبة القشطة
زيت بنفس علبة القشطه او سمن

كوب ونصف جوز هند
كوب ونصف سميد ناعم
ملعقة طعام بيكنج باودر


يضاف البيض والفانيليا والسكر والقشطه واللبن والماء والزيت او السمن
تخلط جيدا حتى تتجانس
نصب الخليط السائل على المواد الجافة ، ونعجن على أقل سرعة
نصب المزيج في صنيه متوسطه مدهونه بالسمن السايح
تقطع العجينه بسكين

نرش الوجه بالمكسرات أو اللوز المبشور
تدخل الفرن على درجة 170 مئوية ، لمدة 15 دقيقة .. ثم نخفض الحرارة إلى 160 مدة 5 - 10 دقائق إضافية حتى ترتفع البسبوسة ( وانتبهي ألا تفتحي الفرن أبداً قبل مرور 25 دقيقة )
تشرب بالشربات مسبقاً فور خروجها
طريقه الشربات:
3كوب ماء على النار مع 1 ونصف كوب سكر بعد ان تغلى نضيف نصف ليمونه ويمكن اختباره بوضع نقطه اذا لم تفرش يكون مضبوط وبعد ان ترفع من على النار يضاف بعض الفانيليا
.. وتقطع بحذر وتقدم



Betty Veno Bennette said...

Everything on your blog looks SO yummy!!! I wish when I was in Egypt I was able to eat better... I eat so much better now!! After viewing all your wonderful recipes, I am now very hungry!!! I hope you can come to US with Mai, Dan and Taqi so you can teach me to cook this dish (basbosa). Love, Betty

Alisa said...

That looks so delicious! I love your recipes here. You know what,Foodista announced that they are going to publish the best food blogs in a full color book that will be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing this Fall 2010. It would be so great to see your blog and recipe featured in this book. You can find out more about it at this link Hope you wont mind if I left this message here. I wanted to email you but couldn't find one, so I dropped this message instead. Hope you do join. Thanks!

yummy recipes said...

Betty,thank you so much..I wish you could be able to eat more when you were in Egypt too..I'll be glad to give you a visit in USA with Mai and Dan and Taqi I'm not sure if the paper work will be easy but who knows :)and I'll be glad to touch you how to make basbosa.

yummy recipes said...

Alisa ,thanks really made my day..I'm glad you like my blog ..thank you for telling me about that book I'll be glad to know more about it..and of course I don't mind if you left me any messages you like ..write to me any time and any place :)